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Donor Car - Mazda MX5 NC

To provide all the mechanical components for my Locost project I purchased a 2006 NC Mazda MX5 insurance write-off, which was only eight months old at that time.  It was still drivable (barely) and had only covered 8,000 km.  Despite extensive body damage the components that I required The donor Mazda MX5 as purchased.were in excellent condition. 

I was able to salvage many valuable parts including the 2 litre all alloy Duratec DOHC 16 valve VCT (variable cam timing) engine (118kw), 6 speed tiptronic auto, tailshaft, adjustable steering column with paddle change for the auto and controls in the steering wheel for the cruise control (yes I will be using it), 17 x 7 alloy wheels & Michelin tyres, front suspension stub axles and hubs etc, IRS multi link rear suspension and subframe, ABS 4 wheel disc brakes (ventilated at front), brake pedal assembly & power booster, fly-by-wire accelerator, dash instrument cluster, wiring loom and all computers and electronics etc etc. 

After removing all the parts that I required the remaining body shell and useable parts were sold to an enthusiast in Queensland who planned on rebuilding it into a race car.

It was not a cheap car to buy in the first place but it actually provided good value in the end as I was able to use many of the original components, and if I had to buy them all separately it would have been an even more expensive exercise.  I also had matching components from the one vehicle, the very latest in automotive technology from Mazda and most importantly - components that met the emissions regulations and ADR’s (Australian Design Rules).


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