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The story of my Locost clubman build is told in detailed photos accessed via the relevant Photo Album links on the left.

Major milestones of the Locost clubman build are featured below.

Locost clubman finally registered


My pride and joy!

Now on Club plates and with its final paint scheme and interior trim the clubman is ready to enjoy.  Projects like this are never completely finished and more refinements will continue to be added over time.

Locost clubman finally registered


The big day!

Locost clubman finally passed all engineering and legal requirements and proudly displaying full registration plates!  Next phase was to finalise the paint and trim.

Locost undergoing Emissions testing



How stinky is the exhaust?

Emissions testing on the dyno at VIPAC was the last major hurdle prior to registration.


Locost chassis torsional testing


Testing time

Final engineering tests.  ADR compliance and Torsional testing of the chassis were carried out in my garage by my appointed automotive engineer.  Specified weight was added to end of the beam to “twist” the chassis and results measured.


Locost clubman nearing completion


We have colour

Bodywork completed and a temporary paint scheme applied for registration.  Final fit-out and detail work commenced.

Locost clubman final assembly underway


Detailed reassembly following chassis painting.  Final refinishing and detailing underway.  Aluminium rear panel and wiring completed.  Bodywork and painting the next major undertaking.


Bare Locost chassis awaiting paint



Completely dismantled and stripped to the bare metal.  The chassis was placed on a rotisserie and painted in two pack ready for final assembly.

Locost clubman first test drive

Its alive!

Fitted trade plate to make it legal and went for first test drive on the road.  Not painted, no aluminium rear panel and looking a bit scruffy but a thrilling and very quick ride.  A few minor issues to be fixed but generally drove extremely well on its maiden voyage.

Looking more like a clubman every week


Progress appeared slow to some but lots of detail work was taking place.  Fibreglass bonnet and scuttle completed and aluminium panelling almost finalised.

Locost clubman humble start


We have a rolling chassis!

Major components in place and starting to look like a Locost sports car.

Basic Locost chassis


The project begins.......

25mm mild steel tubing being crafted into a custom designed Locost chassis.




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