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Diff replacement

My MX5 donor car was an auto and came with a 4.1:1 standard diff.  No Limited Slip Differential (LSD) was available for the auto in Australia.  The manual MX5 did have a LSD but it was a higher ratio.  I wanted to retain the ratio but add a LSD as I expect a lot of potential wheelspin from the ligthweight Locost.  So I bought a LSD from a local importer of MX5 parts from Japan.  In Japan their domestic market had a 4.1:1 LSD.  I found a slight difference in the mounting bracket between the original and LSD.  The original diff is on the left and has AT on it, which I assume stands for Auto Trans and the LSD is on the right with MT which I assume is for Manual Trans.  Both diffs are the same on the outside and the LSD bolted into the auto bracket and subframe with no problems.

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