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To provide a good range of adjustment for the  steering geometry I decided to use rod ends for the top wishbone inner mounts.  I spoke to the engineer who will be inspecting the finished car and he was OK with this as long as I used quality rod ends of the recomended size and they were correctly and safely engineered.  I expect some extra noise and harshness from using the rod ends but I was more concerned about lack of adjustment than some potential minor noises.  The rest of the suspension will be well insulated and use conventional bushes.  As Locost clubman are not built in jigs, and it's almost impossible to get each side of the car exact.  I feel that the use of rod ends will improve the handling by allowing for experimentation in wheel alignment and provide adjustment to gain the optimum settings.  In my opinion the lack of a range of adjustment for the front end is a design fault with Locosts. 

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